Paleo Week Progress and Influenster

Things are going well on paleo. I cheated and weighed myself 🙂 I lost 5 pounds the first week! I’m sticking with it and have been meal prepping like it’s my job! I can tell a difference in the way that my clothes are fitting as well. Shrinking back down to where I’m supposed to be I suppose! It’s a struggle to go out, but I successfully ate at Applebee’s without cheating (at least to my knowledge). I had chicken with mushrooms and zucchini. The meal came with potatoes that looked fried so I didn’t eat them. It was nice to feel like I was happy with family and not starving at the same time. Yay for healthy indulgence!

In other news, I got this Calvin Klein fragrance to try out from Influenster. OMG it’s fantastic! When I first opened it, I sprayed the card and left it in my bathroom. It smelled for two days and I love it. I had my fiance try it and I definitely think it’s his new scent! The scent is called “Reveal” and I love it. It’s sexy without trying too hard! It doesn’t smell like a gym rat trying to overpower, it’s fresh and light and I love it. He thinks it’s manly but still fresh and doesn’t feel like he’s trying too hard like some other scents tend to do! Thanks Influenster! #REVEALMORE

*This post was sponsored by Influenster but all opinions are my own!

❤ Dani


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